Day 101 tv Henry

Tv time. Always the easiest time to draw Henry. I think I forgot to finish his feet. Thought he would put his feet back in position but never did.

Sad he’s growing up. Eight in a few weeks. When did that happen?!

Does it count as urban sketching since the neighbors house is in the window?!

Lamy Ef, noodler eelskin Ink, stillman and birn Alpha.

Margaret packing up for home. Xoxoxox

Day 64 when u start talking

To an onion you know you have been alone too long. Told it I had drawn a really great picture of it before I copped it up for ratatouille. I even cried. Onions always make me cry when I cut them up. 🤣

Told you it needed paint.

Margaret watching As Time Goes By for the jillionth Time waiting for the bread to finish rising.

Day 59 My White Amaryllis

And a quote from Reese Witherspoon. This white amaryllis has been blooming steadily for SIXTY days one stalk at a time. Thought I should commemorate its swan song. It has consistently shown up to do the work of blooming. Third year it has come back to bloom.

I journaled a bit about the amaryllis in pencil and painted it faintly in the background on the right page.

Namiki Fude Eelskin Black Ink

A sweet fat cardinal wallowing in bird seed on the back deck.

Margaret who is Tahred again. Xoxoxox.

Day 2126 Motor Supply Bistro

In Columbia is hard to beat for food or ambience. I met my sister in law there for her belated birthday dinner.

Had delicious wild caught SC shrimp for a Sunday brunch with a bed of Anson grits and a blood orange cocktail. Think it was a martini. Did I say this place never disappoints. So yummy.

Cocktails are also interesting and off beat. Blood orange anything is hard to beat.

I was sitting in the bar area drawing this as people drifted to and fro at the bar.

Drawn with my Lamy Ef loaded w Noodlers Brown Ink. Maybe I will paint it. Maybe I won’t.

Margaret xoxoxo who has been schleepping all over town for safflower seed. Evidently the squirrels hate it. Who knew. Thanks Miss Mike for the tip. Xoxoxox

Day 2075 Back at the Museum

I loved these slightly primitive statues. So old.

Sketch in Deartrementis Brown with my Twisbee. The inks almost gone so next I will be using a Noodler Brown recommenced by Brenda Swenson.

Hahnemuhle journal yellow ochre cerulean cad red light cobalt burnt sienna ultramarine and a dab of quin gold.

I used a 2B pencil to write the info from the museum all over the background of this page to add texture and lightly erased it before I painted it.

Margaret who is book club tonite. Xoxoxo

Day 1061 -how many more?! And a beach party!!

Still quite a few!!! 🤗We have no shortage of talking heads in this country. They offer great drawing practice. If you can pause your tv it even takes the pressure off of trying to draw them quickly. 

And all they do is talk. And talk and talk. 

And pass a lot of laws that half the country don’t like no matter which side you are on making the other half is unhappy! 

The Decatur Businesses Beach Party in downtown Decatur on the square. Ponce de Leon became a giant beach!!  Free beach buckets, beach balls and balloons oh and washable tattoos for all!! 

An amazing stilt walker. The kids had no idea how he could be that tall! Several people on top of each other was their best guess. 

And there he goes legging it down the block or should I say stilting down the block?!

And a rare shot of the old Decatur Courthouse with sun on its face. It usually sits in the shade. Bytw this is now an art gallery. 

Off to play with my grandkids. Hugs!! 

Day 1052 – Take a Hike Mr President Key West #3

Found a few more that I hadn’t posted. The Shark cruise. Guess they won’t be around. No clean water. It’s already pretty bad in the Gulf. 

All this would be underwater. 

And this fun whacky restaurant on the waterfront. 

And my favorite wacky restaurant Blue Heaven.  Such delicious food and awesome chickens.  never tire of the crazy chickens in Key West. 

And my other favorite spot Louie’s backyard eatting on the water enjoying delicious Caribbean breezes. All gone with global warming. 

Sad that it would disappear. 

My sis in law who doesn’t believe in global warming would be very said at Key Wests submergence beneath the waters. Here favorite spot in the world. 

One of my favorites too. 

Busy day. Off I go. Setting up for a flower painting. If only they stay alive long enough. 

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 982 Dr Sketchys 2

Love the Chinese dresses Foxy wore at Dr Sketchys Wednesday. Gorgeous fabrics and they fit her like a glove.  Classic Chinese dresses probably from her home in Taiwan. 

This is my favorite sketch I think though the next one is nice too. 

Both 11×14″ Super Aquabee tablet. Noodler Konrad WN colors in a whiskey painter box with a Cotman travel box full of Daniel Smith quinacridones. I used a gold Wink of Stella marker to sparkle these.  

This was a challenge to add origami elements. I have folded thousands of those cranes and a few of the frogs. As a kid I loved doing origami since the first kit I received for Christmas. I think she’s slightly out of proportion. Head to big. Legs a tad too short but I like her anyway. A lot to draw and paint in 20 minutes!!

Day 982 Last Nite!

After several disastrous sketches I knew I could handle our beautiful Asian model when I did this watercolor in ten minutes or so. 

All sketches are 11×14 in a Super Aquabee tablet. Love that paper. Painted with my whisky painter box loaded with WN and Daniel  Smith Quin coral and an old Cotman palette loaded with every quinacridone I own plus thalo blue and green black and white gouache. Painted with a pentel waterbrush. 

These are all two minute sketches. Some of these will probably be altered. And most are pretty awful. As in EEEKKK I Don’t feel good and I can’t draw a thing tonite. This one was the worst. 

Better.  I decided to give up my go to Dr Sketchys pen the Pentel Brush pen and use a Noodler Konrad. Life improved.  I always think it’s interesting how a change of pen can improve your drawing skills when they aren’t going well. 

Next We had a challenge to turn her into a fox. Evidently her stage name is Foxy. As some of you know I like to draw chickens. Follow them around at Key West to draw them or sit and watch them and sketch them. Never thought chickens could be so much fun but they are. 

Really like the sketchiness of her body and legs in this one. 

Ttyl another busy day. Haircut picking up paintings and back to aiken for a reception for a friends show.  

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 955 Urban Landscape Knoxville

Yesterday we had at lunch Kathe Drew and I had a  big discussion on gridding our paintings or not. Drews currently working on a huge painting of downtown Augusta. The view is five floors up and he’s frustrated trying to get all the buildings in to the scene. 

I told him about drawing this view of downtown Knoxville last May. I was five stories up too at 7 am drawing away. It took about half an hour to draw this. 

Most people looking at it would think that yes that’s exactly what Knoxville looks like but it’s not quite. 

No matter how hard I try to plot the drawing of a cityscape like this I usually run out of room by the time I work right or left to the edges. 

I end up leaving out buildings. I told Drew that as long as you get the important buildings in the skyline is recognizable. What would the Knoxville skyline look like without the Workds Fair golden globe or the the big basketball from the basketball hall of fame.

 Some buildings are musts in the skyline. Other  nobody will ever notice they are missing. Nobody has yet to say where’s xyz. 

These are actually what I was looking like. 

I didn’t even paint it so it looked like this. 

I added nice dawn colors. Layering buildings with a base coating of Quin gold letting it dry and then painting it the colors of the buildings. It gives a nice early morning glow to the sketch. 

Anyway that’s it for today. Ttyl

Margaret xoxoxox