My noodlers are clean!

Out my studio window

I finally broke down and cleaned my beloved old noodlers. Thats all I used to draw with. No Lamys ever. I like the Noodlers because the nib acts alot like a dip pen. They make much mode interesting lines than my Lamys do. HOWEVER they can be annoying. They quit right in the moddle of a hot sketching session. They Drip ink. They cover your hands with ink. But today i soldiered on.

Heres the link to clean your pen. Try it u will be so glad you did!! Now to clean my hmm 7 or 8 Lamys. My pilot my kwecko my two fudes. I never realized the paper lint could stop the pens up.

Heres my very fav red Noodler pen loaded w Carbon Platinum Black. This pen was my Valentines present to myself abt ten years ago.
A shot out my windows of the trees i was drawing. Good to sit down after another day of endless cleaning. I even used glass cleaner on my table wiped paint splatters off the studio tv the iPad the brush holders.
Heres where i was sitting drawing. see all my pouring cups?! Got to get back on that but company is coming.
Found all kinds of things. Bet u don’t know what this is. I had to think abt it for a few minutes it had beens so long since i have seen it. Paint tube wringer for oils and acrylics.
And lots of view finders and value gauges.
Best of all half the 68” island is now empty. all organized in my storage in the studio. Hurrah!
Beautiful evening on the river. Margaret putting her feet up for a well deserved rest. Xoxoxoxox

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