Day 697 Raisin working 

My roomy Raisin sat next to me in class painting away. Totally into her painting and not paying attention to the fact that I was sketching her. And yes she has red hair. 

This was painted with the Ted Nuttall palette paint that I posted a couple of weeks ago. 

Bytw was reading the Daniel Smith  watercolor chart checking color lightfastness. Their alizarin is highly fugitive which means it can disappear even out if UV light. I think it got a 3. How did I miss that all the times I have looked at that chart?! 

Will be ditching that color for the permanent one. Just in case u are using it. 

A lightfastness of three means it may not even last two years in the dark. 🤔

And a little progress on the new  abstract. More will have to wait til next week. 

Thanks for checking by! 

Margaret madly packing for another trip. Xxxx

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