Pumpkin time

Spent a lot of time at the pumpkin patches in the last week. This one was near Mast General store in Valle Crucis. LOVE the great barn with the over hang. Been meaning to paint it for years.

Margaret off on the road again Thursday. Raleigh get out of the way cause here I come!! Xoxoxo

Coming along

To say he’s been a struggle is an understatement but he’s getting there. He needs a wash of yellow ochre or quin gold to knock back some of the pink because he’s part Indonesian and my niece says her son is too pink!!

First wash

Always a problem trying to get a good color for some people because there are only so many combos you can make.

Second or third wash

I spent a lot of time wiping him out and starting over again. 😵😵


It’s pretty easy to wipe out fluid cold press almost back to white and start over. A good thing and a bad thing but I did over and over. Went thru a LOT of Kleenex and quite a few paper towels.

Fluid 140 cold Press

Colors. A lot of alizarin crimson raw sienna for skin with Andrews turquoise, mineral violet, ultramarine, cad red and burnt sienna shadows. Eyes burnt umber ultramarine dabs of mineral violet. Whites alizarin.

Margaret ready to put her feet up for the day. Xoxoxo

Mast General

Finally got busy painting today. Think this one might be over painted. Oh well right?!

This store is over 150 years old. Has an old fashioned General store on the left side and tempting goodies in the other two buildings. A great place out back to have a picnic or rock on the backporch after u buy a sandwich at the Hamshoppe or a snack at Mast General.

Watch your wallet. Bet you can’t walk out without buying something.

Lamy Ef, handprint journal

Hugs Margaret ready for the Durrells to start.

That other candy store

Is painted.

Fluid handprint journal. I had a lot of splatters on it from splattering trees. They wiped off. 😳

Now let’s see if the book dries flat. Did not like my last one but maybe they have improved?!

I used Fealing Lin’s palette colors but had to add Charles Reid’s fav chrome green and viridian as well as my fav Daniel Smith Green apatite. The hookers she uses is TOOO relentlessly green.

Cad red cad orange cad yellow burnt sienna and umber ultramarine American Journey turquoise. And a white pentel pen.

Margaret who has splatters everywhere. Even my phone and glasses. Xoxoxo

The other candy store

We call Cheap Joes art supply next to the classroom the Candy Store but Mast General has an enormous candy store at each of their locations but in Valle Crucis it has its own building. Danger danger is all I can say!! And no parents don’t want grandma or auntie bringing candy Miss Mike!!

Drawn at the tables of the Ham shoppe across the street while we enjoyed one of the Ham Shoppes Yummy sandwiches potato salad and their amazing fudge. Yea I ate the whole thing. Burp!

Lamy Ef Noodler Eelskin Handprint journal watercolor to come.

Margaret heading out on the last leg of her trip home soon. Thank goodness it’s cooled off in Augusta. High of 79 today. Yeahhh. Xoxoxo

Valle Crucis

When we are in Boone we always go to Valle Crucis a lovely secluded spot not far away.

Mast General store is there in an old building dating back to the 1800s chock a block full of inticements for tourons like us to buy. Everything from hiking boots baseball caps and t shirts to old fashioned gadgets like the Apple corers that slices cores and peels the apple with a turn of the handle.

I taught my friend Mike that you can sit in your car and sketch when the weather is cold or hot and still be comfy and get some work done.

Lamy Ef handprint journal. Watercolor soon. Like maybe tomorrow when I get home.

Margaret xoxoxo still in Charlotte where we frosted a Halloween house now eaten.

The Party’s over

Hitting the road in the morning

Drawing in lovely Valle Crucis in the am.

In the meantime a couple of Fealing Lin sketches from my notes for the week.

These will get watercolor.

Lamy EF Noodler Black eelskin Ink Handprint Art journal.

Remember what Picasso said learn the rules like a Pro then you can break them an artist.

Good advice.

Margaret ready to hop in bed soon. Xoxoxox

Progress made

So after what I said yesterday I decided to finish Henry my grandson. What a sweetie.

He still needs some jewelry as Fealing calls it. Some dots here and there.

Had to lift all the blue I put on the highlight not paying attention to what I was doing. Thought I had ruined it totally. As it is the paper is a little rough there but nobody would notice it but me.

Hot press fluid 15×22″ paper.

Brevard gypsy lady dressed for Halloween. No I don’t know if she’s actually a gypsy but maybe disguised as one.

A lot of fun painting her. Her sunglasses her scarf her jillion bracelets and necklaces. I think I there are seven of the later. But what a FUN figure.

She’s close to done. Going to negative paint around her white hair so it will show. And the. Who knows. Three more to finish and only one partial day left. 9-1 pm. Maybe one more will get done?! We shall see.

Margaret not dead tired for once but in bed after a fabulous dinner at Over Yonder Restaurant out in Valle Crucis. So delicious. Xoxoxoxo

A Break Through

Another busy busy day

Not often I am in my jammies in bed st 8:30. Up at the crack of dawn draw and paint all day.

So what was the break through?! Don’t paint people you know then you won’t be hampered or intimidated by the need to make them look like your relative or friend. You can just have fun painting.

So I spent all morning drawing these two ladies.

More to do on Morning Coffee. 15×22″ 140# cold press Fluid


All that water I threw at her and she’s still flat.

Lots of edges to soften. Hard edges are ridiculous on her face.

The Drawing

A lot left to do on her. All of her jewelry. Her head scarf and a million other fun things. OH her glasses. Not anywhere dark enough. She had on about six necklaces and ten bracelets. So LOTS to do.

And those teeth. Ugh.

Colors used raw sienna alizarin American Journey Andrews Turquoise Mineral Violet Cad red cad yellow burnt sienna and some ultramarine blue. Big 1 1/2 flat for most of the painting.

Margaret tucked into bed before 9am. All I need is sweet Zoe. Xoxoxo

Busy busy

Work is in progress. Henry! Got to fix those eyes. But really like this a lot.

The lovely Kate Marie also far from done.

Margaret ready for BED in Boone NC did I say Tahred and I should be drawing but Tahred is not! Xoxoxo