Day 1102 Its Saturday

I was busy torturing Ilaina today. Hard to soften the edges on the inexpensive strathmore bristol but the colors blend and mingle deliciously

Might be done? May get more backgroundAt second break Ilaina and I decided to try green for the background since there was a lot of red in the painting. Complimentary colors play well together.

Really like this one though I think I will add a bit more of the green apatite on the left.

Second break

Colors used flesh- Quin pink & raw sienna added dioxzone purple burnt sienna for shadows combined w Quin pink & raw sienna for shadows. Hair- sepia & ultramarine blue. Green apatite and Quin gold background. Ilaina said green was for her heart chakra. She is definitely a sweetheart.

First break forty minutes

The rest of the group!! Some great painting and sketching today.

Al Beyer huge oil

Tom Needham 12×18 wc

Nice oil by Bill

Jeremy’s beautiful one.

Love Katy Padgett’s charcoal and Pastel

Don’t know his name. But a great job.

Dawn. Sweet face. I even like the writing. Dawn takes beautiful photographs of Ilaina which you can see on instagram.

Bills very nice small oil.

Our boy Fred. Who else would drive to life modeling in an open converitable in 41 degree weather. Gotta love Fred!

Amy’s oil I think.

Beautiful pencil sketch but never found out who the lady was that did it.

A couple of the college kids drawing on the cold concrete floor. Ah youth.

And that’s it. Off to sew some more.

Margaret on a chilly Saturday in SC!

Day 1130. An oops

Can you figure out where I messed up?! The tall guy on the right. No idea how I did that. Thinking of painting over him with watercolor ground and having a redo.

As it is it’s unusable and I really like the rest of it. We shall see. So aggravating.

Ttyl margaret on Melt down. Xoxoxo

Day 1128 Cheap Joes Hurricane Harvey Relief Program

100% of your donation thru Joes goes to Hurricane Harvey relief plus Joe will kick in a percentage of sales and you don’t have to buy a thing.

Joe dressed as Theo Van Gogh giving us his Van Gogh presentation A real treat if you get a chance to see it.

Boone NC

I was not aware of the fact that Joe Miller founder of Cheap Joes takes charity work so seriously til John Salimen shared with me that after every Hurricane like Katrina and Sandy Joe goes thru their customer database and sends gift certificates to any customer that lived in the disaster area.

Joe recently got a Humitarian award from the American Watercolor Society because of his charity work. He employees mentally handicapped people and then brags on them when you tour the warehouse. It makes them glow with pride. Just a lovely man.

Which is the reason I ALWAYS recommend Cheap Joe’s when people ask where to buy their art supplies.


Here’s how you do it!!!

Think I will get some of that fabriano hot press I have been wanting while I am at it.

And while you are there treat yourself to a Cheap Joes class. You will get treated like a Prince or Princess and have a lovely time.


Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1115 -It’s Saturday

Emily 90 minutes watercolor pastel and 6B lead on strathmore Bristol.

A little thin thru the shoulders and body. And HOW did I forget to paint her other leg. An easy fix.

The sketch. About 30 minutes.

First break with a wash of raw sienna and Quin rose.

Second break? 80 minutes. Used a huge 16 Legends Sable. And a Golden Fleece Cheap Joes 2″ flat.

Added sepia Quin sienna Quin gold aureolin cobalt violet and dioxazine violet

Added white pastel stick for highlights.

Al Beyer oil 3×4′

Katie’s pencil and pastel. Love the flesh tones.

Jeremy. Red conte crayon?

Coach. Always does nice charcoal sketches.

Tom Needham’s small watercolor 10×14

AC Daniels small not quite done. Second break.

Fred the dentist having fun.

Margaret xoxoxox who better paint that leg.

Day 1113 – Urban sketching at Starbucks 

Really pleased with the way this one turns out. Don’t know why I didn’t post it sooner. I had a lot of trouble with pens. Four in my purse and NO ink in any of them. How is that possible. Met some friends at the new Starbucks on Bobby Jones.  Really nice BIG Starbucks. I drew the people in front of me. Some walked off some walked in. 

The cars were a lot of fun to draw. Next time I am drawing my Prius in the painting lol. Artist car 🚗 self portrait. 

Even like the way the crepe Myrtle turned out. I painted the whole thing wet in wet letting the colors melt into each other. 
Strathmore 400 sketchbook Lamy Safari Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. 

Ttyl !Margaret xoxoxox

Day 1103 Its Saturday

Katie Well this was not great. I forgot my watercolor brushes and didn't have a canvas so I played with my neocolor ii for first forty minute session.

All my sketches are on 16×20 Strathmore

I moved for the next forty minutes. Used my 6B chunk of lead and a bit of the 9b chunk of lead. Hmm wonder if you can get lead poisoning from it?

Third session drawing. My favorite although I think I made Katie look too old.

Drew Murphys. Acrylic 24×30" My favorite of the rest.

Jeremy's lovely sketch.

A lovely pastel by someone named Al or Alex maybe.

Also really liked this one by Marilyn Hartley. Oil

Al Beyer's HUGE oil.

Dawns oil 24×30"

Dr Fred's. Such a happy acrylic.

And the lovely Ilaina in her Matisse phase. Oil!

That's it. Ttyl

Margaret xoxoxo

Sunday – Jour ??

No idea if this published. I did try yesterday and Sunday. 
This posted yesterday on that OTHER blogsite I have…now HOW did I do that.  I used the computer so I wouldnt do that but I did anyway.  DUH-I know its the cold I keep trying to get…Scratchy throat sneezy and a drip that comes and goes…gone today…wheres my vitamin A but I have a headache.  SIGH!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Which one do you like best?? I think the second one?!! For me at least.img_0184

Catching up diet journal pages and only have 6 more days til I can eat more food. YEAH!! Good news is I am down 23 pounds.  AND even better news I can resist the treats like cake and cookies.  HURRAH…and that basket of bread at Carrabas the other nite…did I say I DEARLY LOVE bread??  That said I dont think it loves me…my joints would get a flu like ache two three times a week before I gave it up…havent had it since.  Another HURRAH!!!

This one is done with Winsor Newton Markers and some regualr watercolors.  It was a pill .   Mostly because there is so much paint in those WN WC Markers that they will leak into the other colors if you are not careful.

The “title” is colored with Tombows a dark blue on and caran dache neocolor ii crayons… a bright orange and then the brightest yellow I had…still not bright enough but OH well I am done…only messed with this two three hours…


I finally got a piece of ledger paper and glued it over the title of the page…I really had wanted orange letters but that was NOT to be.  Ledger paper does not make bright colors sadly but does add a nice texture and a change of pace.

img_0181I also had hand lotion on my hands when I started painting this which acted like a resist…eeekkk…finally got around that by wiping it with a kleenex…not one with hand lotion either lol…

Anyway coming down with a cold..another new way to loose weight?? NO I refuse…loading up on vitamins…

Day 1096 Those Dogs

Last page in this sketchbook. Hurrah. So I decided to draw another page of Zoe.

Zoe is always up for a modeling job. She's cheap. She works for treats! She is NOT good at holding a pose. Her ears are always listening. Rotating line radar to see what you are doing.

I really like the way this head turned out. Both the sketch and the watercolor.

This is my second favorite head. I was drawing fast.

I still had not filled up my pens and reached into my purse to see what I had. Pulled out a 6B Charcoal pencil and drew with it.

After I painted her I set the charcoal with fixative. So far it seems to not be smearing. Cross your fingers.

Strathmore 400 sketchbook. Colors used. Quin burnt sienna cerulean cobalt Andrews Turquoise.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxox

Day 1095 The Flowers

Flowers 20×30 Strathmore Bristol paper

Flowers Riechison 300 lb cold press After my friends loathed my sweet little Chinese doll I decided to have another go at this bouquet on some Strathmore Bristol paper. Since it acts like hot press it lets the colors slide around on it and mingle like no other paper I have tried.

That paper meant aLOT of fast painting. Smallest brush I used was a 10 Da Vinci Kolinsky Sable.

Despite that you will get runny drips which I love. It also meant using a lot of paint.

I had to leave it at this point. I will say it was easier to continue the background without hard edges like would have happened with hot press.

I got this far by about 8 pm and decided to quit because I couldn't find my masking fluid.

There was no way I was going to paint this saki pot without it. I finally remembered that I had put it up when I cleaned out my paint box before going to Charles Reid's class. He NEVER uses masking fluid.

Here it is ready paint. I used the tip of a paint brush handle to do this. Made great dots.

Just as I was finishing I got a smear of Quin gold which is staining even if you are using cold press paper let alone this type of paper. Eeekkk! Ruined?! I thought.

My friend Mike said NOPE looked awesome. Leave it alone.

So it's done.

Want to buy it?!

Colors used : Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean and cobalt.

Margaret xoxoxo who went sketching at Starbucks today and had to resort to a pencil. FOUR pens all out of ink.

Day 1092 WIP

Thought this would be done by now. What was I thinking painting a 20×30?! I should have switched to a larger brush-maybe my 16 kolinsky especially for the background.  


I put in too much background again. Even though I used cobalt instead of cerulean it’s the same tone as the old mason jug which is why the mason jar gets lost. 

So will have to darken either the background or the jar. 

 I will say I like it much better this am than I did last nite. Sometimes things look better the next day. Last nite I thought it was pretty bad. But I think it’s fixable 

This little saki pot made me quit. Looked high and lo for my masking fluid. Only found a dried out bottle. Noway was I paintingnit without masking those dots. 

Like the painting looked better this am I realized I had unloaded my paint box when I took Charles Reid’s class (he never uses masking) and left it in my big box that was Dads. Sure enough it was there. 

So how did I do all those dots?! The end of a cheap model paint brush dipped in. If the dots were smaller I would have used a BBQ skewer or a toothpick. I also tried to make those farther away smaller and keep them lined up and in concentric circles. 😱

Loving the start on the flowers. 

Laid in background in a hurry. Should have been thinking less is more. 

The Strathmore Bristol makes those flowers run together and look positively delicious. It’s swirls on the surface similar to yupo. Hmm maybe I should try yupo next?!  

So far. It needs something to the left of the hot sauce. Maybe the trim on the bridge cloth its sitting on!? Maybe more fruit?! 

It will tell me sometimes soon. In the meantime stay tuned. Ted Nuttalls transparent colors plus cerulean and Andrews Turquoise. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo