Palm tree time

Busy day today. Lost the tall trunk of the palmetto tree darn it. Does that mean a do over?! Always interesting to draw or paint a palm. And a challenge.
The culprits and my antique strathmore 500 mixed media journal. Such lovely paper. only four spreads left in it now.
First go round. Sprinkling water on the neocolor ii Always loose the detail when u wet them. 🧐🧐😡 and I lost more details when I smeared it with a kleenex.
Redrawing details. So u add more color. Always fun to use the Neocolor in spots of water. you never know how it will turn out.
Then added white and pale cad yellow
Getting there. Turned the trunk silver. They are NOT brown. πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« Added some black and ultramarine to shadow areas to give the greens more definition.
And done. Well til I decide to mess with it some more.
I didnt use these. Hmmm
Or these. If they were good enough for Picasso for whom they were invented good enough for me.
Don’t want to stop the tips on these up. Maybe another palm using these?! Winsor Newton watercolor markers.
Inktense blocks. Aways fun but not archival.
Prismacolor art sticks. A BIG fav of mine. Good for scribbling.
And then there is this pile. Not opened yet. The british unison landscape colors are just lovely and soft. Prismacolor pastels a little harder more like conte crayons. And opps another smaller pack of prismacolor artsticks.
The cats know how to end this day. Margaret. Xoxoxox

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