Day 695 – Another Journal page 

I drew this the first day of class during lunch. It’s the Old Knoxville Business District around the corner from our classroom door on an alley that runs parallel to S Gay Street, Knoxville’s main Street. 

It called my name the Minute we rounded the corner from S Gay to Jackson Avenue to unload for class. 

Here’s a detail. Maybe 2″x 1″. My favorite bit of the painting. If I could just do this all over it consistently. At least I got this bit right. 

An interesting tidbit.  According to a friend of mine who lived in Knoxville thirty years ago the city riff raff used to hang out in this area. 

Lots of hides holes under the bridge down from S Gay Street to Jackson now barricaded and inaccessible because they are covered with bars. 👀 I had  wondered if it was some kind of odd jail til my friend told me this today. 

Our Alley 

 Colors used – well mostly I under coated all the buildings with a grey made with cerulean and burnt sienna. Then adding various mixes of Quin gold and alizarin over the dried greys. The windows are Inathrodone blue and burnt sienna and finally lamp black. Blue is cerulean in the buildings and sky. Dabs of hookers and Thalo green.

The start of another abstract. I have to transfer this 8.5″x 11″ drawing to a full sheet of Arches via a grid. What can I be thinking????🙄

Thanks for checking by!

Margaret who thinks she loves urban sketching or is it a travel journal?! Xxx 

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