Day 692

A few of my classmates work. The level of artistry in this class was truly amazing. Almost all of the art was outstanding. 

Jeanette de Jesus’s painting and one of my favorites. 

Lenore’s painting


Pats painting


Donnas painting


Mary’s painting


Brendas painting


Susans painting

Kate and her service dog Piper

Kate’s painting 

Aren’t they all wonderful?! John Salimen was a super teacher. Never a dull moment. And though the process was stressful at first the results were incredible. I love mine. Just hope I can make another one without Johns guidance!! 
Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 691 – four days of 

Work and stress. I think it might be done. 

I added the four big sections of acrylic and some pen line work.  

John Salimen  in critique said it was exciting and energetic and InTrIgUinG!!! A painting that you would look at again and again. 

Here it is before I added the actinic and pen lines. 
Here’s the teachers after he added the black acrylic and the line work. 

Here his is before he did it. Big difference isn’t it??!

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 690 – Progress I think 

How it looks now with collage bits glued down at the end of the day. 22×30″ Arches 300# cold press 

This morning. 

After a consult with John the teacher. How it looked after I sprayed it with the atomizer and removed the masking tape. Still to much white.  

Auditioning collage bits by taking pics of their placements. 
Audition number two 

At the end of class today. So much work. So busy.  Calling it Waiting in Line. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret who is exhausted from all the fun. And work😳

Day ? – John Salimen

Oh my what did we sign up for?! Abstract Watercolor. 

Mine so far. OH my oh my. Unlike anything I have ever done. 
The start. Sorry for the bad photo. 

We had to draw four random items on four pieces of tracing paper. Stack them up and trace all of them on one piece of tracing paper. 

Then we gridded the traced objects and transferred them via a grid to a full sheet 22×30″ watercolor sheet. 

First we had to trace of an interesting shape for white space and cut out the tracing paper. Then we painted a yellow line around the tracing paper so we wouldn’t loose our whites. 
My abstract was  ready to paint. 

First layer was use a variety of yellows reds and oranges plus a sprinkle of salt. 
Oh my will all these dark 2b pencil lines to away?! Scary stuff. 

The whole thing is scary but learning something new usually is. 

Here it is now ready to torture me some more tomorrow. But you know I really like the way it is going. The whites are taped to preserve them while we do some more torture tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret 👀😳🙄😁

Day 688 And that’s it!! 

The notes. I hope. This one looks just like Kevin.  But Brenda not so much. She’s much prettier. 

This is our second class with her and she’s really grown as a painter. She’s taking Charles Reid next year so we will see her again!! 

I guess we are the First of May bunch. Several of  us show up at Cheap Joes the first of May every year. 👀 Lots of fun.  

Think More.  A tall order from Me since I paint intuitively. Better post it on my easel. 

Ted was so funny. He couldn’t remember the fifth thing but he told us to check his Facebook page because sooner or later he would post it there. Lol. 

Taking an Abstract class with John Salimen in Knoxville. More about that tomorrow. All I can say now is OH MY!!
Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 

Day 687 Can u stand more notes? 

I know a lot of you are Reading them. Mike my cohort in crime. We are already signed up for Charles Reid’s class next May 2017!!  

LInda is a repeat offender too. She took Fealin Lins class lay May and is taking Charles Reids with us next May. She’s taken Ted’s class five times. 

The Inferno movie with Jamie Wyeth painting was awesome. Watch it. On Vimeo. Free like YouTube. 

Kevin and Harvie Anne from Moultrie or is it Albany. Somewhere in South Georgia. Harvie Anne looks just like her. Kevin not so much. So I had another go at him. 

Miss Mike again. What can I say she sat right in front of me to my right. Prime sketch territory. No Idea how that grey got on her cheek. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 686 And the notes

Keep coming. I wrote more than twenty pages I think. The sketch of the Doctor is spot on. I think the blonde lady’s  name was Nancy. I think. 

I only drew people on the front row or people standing in front of Teds paintings. A captive audience is easy to sketch because they hold still Listening!!! Try it next time u r in a meeting. 

And I had a lot of fun painting the notes. My grandson Henry painted with me. A painting of the cabin for his mom for Mother’s Day. 

I also used my Winsor Newton watercolor Markers on them. And then washed them out. There’s alot of pigment in those markers.  

Love the way he frames his art. He floats them on mat board. And then uses another mat to frame them.  I need some miracle muck – the glue he uses to hold the paintings on the mat. And he only uses light frames. No black no gold. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 685 More Notes from Ted

My friend Karen from Savannah. Karen is a fabulous painter. She took Fealin Lins class with us last year. 

People travel far and near for the great classes at Cheap Joes. One lady came all the way from Hawaii. 

Another sketch of Karen. I like the sketches. I think they liven up the notes.

 Christine has taken three classes with Ted. I know why. 

I would love to take another with him. He’s just a super teacher giving everything he knows when he teaches. 
Notes. I really need to look up all these artists if I just quit painting long enough to do that!! 

Anne from Washington State. Also a long distance traveler. 
Thanks for Reading. 
Margaret xxx

Day 683 A bit More Ted

Finally finished painting my notes. So will share them with you the next few days.  I tried to use every color I had and then I splattered the pages without sketches. And sometimes I splattered the sketches too. 

How to paint shadows. 

I kept working on Jan. For some reason I forgot to paint her upper arm the first go round. Duh.  And I think splattering improved everything. 

To splatter I just made a soupy color and slung it off my brush. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx who thinks she might be over the crud. I hope!!