Day 682 Ted Nuttall

A sketch I did of him during class and painted later with sloppy dots of course. 

Some food for thought from Mr Nuttall. 

A few pages of my notes. 

I got a little carried away painting them with watercolors. 

His palette 

And yes drawing is critical. Something to practice daily. I usually do. 

Stay tuned for more Ted. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 681 – Finishing up

Barbara cropped quarter sheet 300# hot press 

Got to say all this dot making takes forever. No idea how many hours are in this one now. BUT ALOT. 

Still need to do something to the strand of hair. No idea what but will figure it out. I hope!! 
Joe as Theo Van Gogh

I think his left eyes finally right but I almost wore the paper out. Strathmore 400 watercolor paper. 

Anyway color me tahred from painting all day. The sofa and the roku is calling me. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 

Day 680 – second try 

Joes rude have been driving me Crazy for the last two hours. 

This is how they started out. Looking two different directions. 

And then iris  were two different sizes.  Oops. Bad drawing on my part. Should have hacked my drawing first. Sigh. 

As al says don’t mess up to have to fix it. Start right. It’s a lot easier. 

So I lifted the iris and moved it only to realize that oops the ruse were two different shaped. Huh?!  

So now they are almost the same. Waiting for it to dry. 

I thought about doing what my grandmother famously did to this pastel she did. She messed the eye up. So she drew another, cut it out and glued it on over the mess. Nobody ever notices!! 

I didn’t eat dinner. Guess it’s time. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 

Day 679 Travel Day

pI hope you all had as nice a mothers Day as I did. I spent a lot of time yesterday working on my class notes from Ted Nuttalls class. I had fun painting my classmates.  Some old friends and 

And some new ones. I also had fun painting my notes with Teds transparent colors. LOVE Those. 

Hopefully they will be done soon. I almost filled up a Strayhmore 400 watercolor book with them. That’s a lot of notes. Now looking pretty and perky with watercolor highlights and at least ten sketches of my class mates. 

Thanks for looking. 

Margaret xxx

Day 678 – Happy Mothers Day 

A day early!! I will be traveling on Motjers Day and didn’t want to forget to wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day. 
WIP – Barbara – #300 Arches Hot press watercolor paper 

Barbara was 92 when I took her picture. She was the sweetest lady. Her family misses her a lot. 

I really love all the soft colors under her chin. I think they are delicious. 

Thought you might like to see her evolve. 

This is after two very thin washes. And of course I used Ted Nuttalls Transparent colors.  

The first wash on Lucy June. I forgot to take a pic of Barbara at this stage. 
The thin washes are the key to a painting like this. You can always add more color but it’s hard to remove it. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 677 – another 

Lucy June aged 90 Painting done Thursday. I really like her knitted scarf. 
The palette. Most of the colors are Winsor Newton or Holbein though I substituted Daniel Smith Quin gold. 

Ted chose these colors because they are transparent watercolor. And NO not all watercolor is transparent. Cerulean isn’t. Both he and Jean Dobie limit their palettes to those colors that are transparent which allows their watercolors to have a great depth of color done with multiple layers. If they were not transparent the colors would turn to mud. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 676 – Ted day three 

I have always doodled while sitting in meetings. Yesterday I took it to a new level drawing anyone who was sitting at an angle to me. Of course I started with the teacher. 

Then I drew a class member Jan. And interspersed her sketch with more notes. 

Next up Anne Peck a sweet lady from Washington state. And yes there was one lady from Hawaii. Mari won the prize for the longest trip. 


I never quite finished painting this sketch. I was using the leftovers on my palette from the days painting.  I never quite got

The brown streaks in her hair. 

This is the colors we are using.  Really love using just straight transparent watercolor. 

Christine. Her fourth Ted class!! 

Really enjoyed flipping thru my notes looking at the sketches of my classmates. I think it will be a great memory. 

Another sketch of Karen. Sorry Karen I made you too fat.

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 674 – Boone

And Cheap Joes. Always a treat to be at Cheap Joes. Spring is still in full blossom here and I can’t say enough about how wonderful the people are Cheap Joes are. We even had a visit from the head sweety himself Joe just the nicest guy. 
Treat yourself to one of their fabulous classes. You can not go wrong. 

Our teacher 

Drawn during lecture and painted with leftover watercolor paint. 

And it’s Ted Nuttall time. This is his sketch. 

Beginning the painting. 

Rainbow girl

Mr Nuttallstarting the features 

Teds Palette. He only uses transparent watercolor NO Opaque colors like cerulean. 

Scary stuff but I started. 

Day ?? 

Really getting on my nerves that I think I am Posting on this site and somehow it keeps ending up on that other Wierd site that I never used til recently. And that was a total accident. So I am posting this again. Sigh. 

Since I have been sick I have sat in the living room a lot more. My dog honey is much more visible there so she’s getting drawn. She hangs out in the window or sprawls on the rug. 

When we sit in the Den shes usually in her big comfy bed behind the sofa. 
These were drawn with my Boodler Creaper ahab, carbon platinum black ink In a superaquabee tablet. 

I stated this page with the middle dog. And it did not go well as you can see. So I thought papers messed up keep drawing and got the really good head on the right. The one on the left is good too except for The mess in the middle. 
I am Posting this to show even if you can draw things just go wrong sometimes.  
Keep sketching.
Thanks for reading 
Margaret xxx