Day 680 – second try 

Joes rude have been driving me Crazy for the last two hours. 

This is how they started out. Looking two different directions. 

And then iris  were two different sizes.  Oops. Bad drawing on my part. Should have hacked my drawing first. Sigh. 

As al says don’t mess up to have to fix it. Start right. It’s a lot easier. 

So I lifted the iris and moved it only to realize that oops the ruse were two different shaped. Huh?!  

So now they are almost the same. Waiting for it to dry. 

I thought about doing what my grandmother famously did to this pastel she did. She messed the eye up. So she drew another, cut it out and glued it on over the mess. Nobody ever notices!! 

I didn’t eat dinner. Guess it’s time. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 

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