Day 1837 Christmas Candy

Sometimes it’s fun to draw a collection. This time it’s Christmas candy collages with bits of epherma I keep to add to the page.

Before I splattered it. Did you know you can splatter with a watercolor pencil?!! Just dip the paint brush in a lot of water and then swipe it across the “lead”. It will get juicy and add color for splatters. First time I did that with a watercolor pencil.

I went back and did it to Lucy Dog too. I think it needed a little color don’t you?! I also darkened the letters.

before splattering.

Back to my tv binge. Alternating between the Romanoffs and Mrs Maisel. So far Mrs Maisel is soooo much better but Romanoffs ep 1 was rather wonderful set in Paris with lots of French dialogue for me to try to comprenne. And I did une petite peu. Xoxoxoxo

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