Day 1829 It’s Saturday

But since it’s three days til Christmas only eight people came today. I didn’t finish her today. But I will after Christmas. That’s actually my jacket I bought in Rouen France bear the Rouen Cathedral on the Rue des Gros Horlage aka the street of the Big Clock.

Her sweatshirt was too dark against the black block her arm rested on so I offered it to her. All those angles and triangles and diamonds. Eekkkk. She loved it because it’s very cozy.

Spent the first forty minutes drawing her. And I erased it lightly so the pencil wouldn’t show so little on her face.

Second break eeek. The times flying by.

One more time. Fluid cold press with Charles Reid colors.

Fred forty minutes. I really like this a lot but it’s a terrible picture. Fred’s definitely getting an interesting style.

Drew Murphy first break.

At the end. Think it looks great but I don’t think he thought so.

Coarch Larrys charcoal

Al Beyer oil

Amy and Rich escaped before I got a chance to take a pic of theirs.

Was looking at this one from last week this morning. I actually like it. Is. Just need to lengthen Emily’s hand. Funny how not looking at a piece changed your mind

Margaret worn out from baking all day. Off to the mountains tomorrow. Xoxoxox

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