Day 469 – I meant to 

Draw at the state fair but when I sat down to do it my sketchbook was gone. Thank goodness it was a new one and empty of everything but my name and address. 

So you will have to make do with some of my favorite paintings from the Fine art exhibit. 

The Canty Building. You can see it keeps on going and going and going. 

All of these paintings are professional class. I tried to list the names of the paintings. You should be able to see the artists names of u click on the photo.


Inscrutable with his ribbon. Hope u r not tired of him.  You know I am not. Lol. 


 Al Beyer’s Dog Oil Certificate of Merit What a great dog!! 
The back porch One of the first places. Watercolor I think but it’s hard to tell the categories. They aren’t separated by category. 


Ganges Morning watercolor I think. Quarter sheet. 

One of my very favorites. Nostalgia.  20×30 or so. Full of detail.  Love it. 

  Got chicken by Todd Baxter oil or acrylic. 3’x3’ish

  Monday Monday by Diana?! No idea the media. Probably watercolor 
  Sunrise over the Coosaw River -Tommie Towner. No idea the media but loved the colors. 


  Judge not the Cowboy-Trahern Cook-Too much fun!!! .


  Path to Enlightenment Rob Shaw – loved the feeling of distance in this one. 
   One of the enormous sandcastle near the dinosaur exhibit. All the dinosaurs moved. Kids loved it. 
More tomorrow. I really did want to draw. Boohoo. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 468 – I WON I WON I WON!!!

I won an award in the professional class at the South Carolina State Fair Fine Arts show and a CHECK!!! Very exciting. 

The SC state fair is a big deal and the top prize in the Fine Arts is $2000 with thousands of dollars of prizes. There are thousands of art entries. So many they fill up an enormous football field sized shed. 

 NO idea what I won or which one won but I am thrilled!! I did try googling to see if a list was on the net but NO. 

This is entry #1. She’s for sale Bytw. If she’s not bought at the state fair. 

Inscrutable also for sale! 

Stand by I will let you know which one was the winner. Hope to go to Columbia tomorrow to find out if my cold keeps improving. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 467 How to be a Stripper!! 

Got to admit Inktober was wearing thin (and only 11 more days to go) especially after I spent most of the afternoon stripping my huge 19x 20 foot kitchen floor. Worst thing is that I paid a cleaning lady to put all that build up on it. 

  The white “grout” lines were no longer white. See those dark brown lines. The whole floor was like that. The bottom part of the photo has been stripped. The top is still clinging to its mop and glo. 

 All those white lines used to be brown and the tile part was muddy looking. Ickkkkkk

 Then yakking w my friend Mike I realized that I could do a recipe on how I did it. And have a fun zingy title too. Aka attention getter lol. 

I had to do it twice because the first one refused not to smear when I erased the pencil. I always pencil recipes in so I can rearrange them. The Noodler Lexongton grey ink looked dry but was not. It never quit smearing and it was smearing a lot. Never used Noodler ink in my Aquabee so I switched to my staedler liner pens. 

Now it’s done. 

Hurrah off to shower and sleep well lol
Thanks for reading. 


Day 466- The Girl

  Gets blocked in. This is how she looked after about four hours of work. 

Blocking in is the start of a painting. Why he direction it will go gets started. It’s a thin layer of acrylic paint and it’s done for either a finished acrylic or oil painting. I thought you might like to see the process.  

First four hash marks are placed along the edge of the canvas dividing it into quarters. The same thing is done to the photograph. This helps in more accurate placement on the canvas. 

Next thin layers of color are painted in.  I was having a hard time with of all things CONTRAST. duh. I was using Phtalo Blue and Alzarin Crimson and not much else. A little flesh on the face. 

Still more Phthalo blue and Alizarin Crimson. A lot of it was applied with foam brushes. They were a lot of fun and I may use them more. They also do a great arrow straight line. 

 It’s not really as dark as this but it will be. I added alot of Goldens Nickel Azo one of my favorite acrylic colors. It’s a sheer transparent color. All I had to do was add some water to it and brush it over the color already on the canvas. It was like magic making the painting pop. Somewhere I had forgotten about using contrasting colors.  Duhhh. Probably this cold that came back with a vengeance when I was in the mountains or more likely the fact that I did not review my painting notes- use a work of complimentary colors. In this case it could have been gold on one end and violet blue on the other. 

It takes practice. The more you do the more you remember and do it right the next time. 

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret xxx

Day 465 – keeping up w Inktober

Day 17 Lake Jocassee from White Water Falls This one really needs paint. Hard to find Lake Jocassee in all the mountains. Despite this being Inktober some things scream for color! 

Now you can see the lake!! 

I thought about drawing White Water Falls the longest falls in North Carolina but waterfalls never turn out well for me.  Perhaps it’s all that black rock?! 
Mayberrys in Brevard. Cute little restaurant there. Great food great staff. 

I really liked this sketch til I was trying to fix it last nite and my Noodler Konrad bled all over it. What the heck. I have only had it a few months. Back to the drawing board. 😜

The last hydrangea. Freeze warnings out. This is includes the view out the window. I need to draw them both!! 

 But the question is which way?! Photo one of photo two and while u r at it would someone run downstairs to the car and get my bag of pens from the car please? 

I cover my sketch books stickers collected on my trips. Often free but who could resist this one for $1?!

Ps did I say my cold is back?! Only two weeks and two days til I leave for Paris. No time for a cold!! 

Thanks for Reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 464 the last Best of Augusta #4

Another favorite of Bill Karp. Bytw he’s playing at the Cotton Patch in downtown Augusta this Saturday nite. 

I really like Bill’s stance in these.  Especially the first one. 

  Hand is a little rough but otherwise I like it. My excuse?? 

It was 9 pm and I was tired and on a sugar high from all the sweets at Best of Augusta. 
Oh what was my favorite food?? T’s out on Mike Padgett Hwy. They kept the hot hush puppies and fried catfish and tartar sauce flowing. And it was perfectly cooked. Everyone else had chicken chicken and more chicken.  
The last sketch I did of Bill. Not a perfect hand but I like it.

We left loaded up with cake, cookies and Krispy Kreme donuts.  All those sweet treats still sitting on the kitchen counter. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 463 more Best of Augusta #3


  Once i switched to the Pentel brush pen life improved. Or maybe it was Bill Karp singing Frank Sinatra?! His 100th birthday. Frank’s not Bills!!!  
This is my favorite sketch of Bill. A good stance. Shoes look good and a good hand. Score!! 

I kept trying to draw Bills hand. He waved them around a lot. I. Perpetual motion. 

Finally a good hand though I made him a little fat. Oops sorry Bill!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 

Day 462 more Best of Augusta

I forgot to mention that I was sketching with my friend Ruth Pearl again like at arts in the hearts. Always a lot of fun drawing with her.  

  PHillip Lee and a friend. I can’t remember his name but when they aren’t singing at clubs you will find them singing at Wesley United Methodist Church on Sundays. 

This is actually the last sketch I did of Phillip. Done with a Noodler Konrad  with carbon Pltinum black ink. Better but not great.  Usually I love my Noodler pens but NOT last nite.  
Another sketch of Phillip with the Konrad.   
This was the one that made me put up the a Noodler Creaper. Oops what was I thinking? A warm up right?! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 461 -Best of Augusta

And a  good excuse to add to the Inktober sketches. Best of Augusta is the restaurants and musicians who were voted best in the Augusta  Magazine and is held annually in Sacred Heart- the old Catholic Church I drew about a month ago. 

I drew at least a dozen sketches last nite. These are two of the audience members.  

A lady in the audience enjoying the music. I loved her Hair and the hat. Done with my Pentel brush pen. 

The shading was smeared because using just the black ink would be too dark. Think she would be fun to paint but I am getting way behind on the painting. 😳  

This man was in the queue to get beer. Then he sat down right behind me. 😜 I drew him with my new Noodler Creaper ahab but was having problems. So after a few sketches I switched to the Pentel brush pen and my drawings were much better. 

Sacred Heart 

Inside Sacred Heart

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx