Day 467 How to be a Stripper!! 

Got to admit Inktober was wearing thin (and only 11 more days to go) especially after I spent most of the afternoon stripping my huge 19x 20 foot kitchen floor. Worst thing is that I paid a cleaning lady to put all that build up on it. 

  The white “grout” lines were no longer white. See those dark brown lines. The whole floor was like that. The bottom part of the photo has been stripped. The top is still clinging to its mop and glo. 

 All those white lines used to be brown and the tile part was muddy looking. Ickkkkkk

 Then yakking w my friend Mike I realized that I could do a recipe on how I did it. And have a fun zingy title too. Aka attention getter lol. 

I had to do it twice because the first one refused not to smear when I erased the pencil. I always pencil recipes in so I can rearrange them. The Noodler Lexongton grey ink looked dry but was not. It never quit smearing and it was smearing a lot. Never used Noodler ink in my Aquabee so I switched to my staedler liner pens. 

Now it’s done. 

Hurrah off to shower and sleep well lol
Thanks for reading. 


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