Day 472 – A Toasty Day

  Aquabee sketchbook with a fine point sepia Pitt Pen. 

  And more Inktober. Danny Gregory the guru of Sketchbookskool and Everyday Matters is posting a Friday Challenge. The first one was draw your toast in INK. You should try it. Takes a while to get all those books and crannies.  

  Thought u might like to see it I stages. I also did a flipagram of it that I will post at the end. 

  Lots of seeds on this Costco multigrain organic bread. 

  And lots of holes for non artisanal bread. 

  The seeds as something to the sketch but the bread made with cane syrup is too sweet for my taste. 

  Everything seems to have sugar added to it lately whether or not it needs it – like chicken salad and pimento cheese and Krogers pie crust. Sigh. 

Almost done. 


All done. It took about an hour. The sketch is about 5×5 inches. 

Now get those pens out and sketch your toast!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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