Day 474 – what a day 

I almost forgot to blog. Came home from class and took a nap then left for Dr Sketchys.  

 Oops no blog post. So here I sit in the cvs parking lot waiting for Ruth and writing about Winsor Newton watercolor markers. I bought these to use at the fair last week when I went to City Art in Columbia- a great old fashioned art store on Lincoln downtown. The. I lost my sketchbook so no using them at the fair. 

   The colors I Have are odd. No Browns. One cad red never a fav with me. No cerulean or cobalt. Just Pthalo. No yellow ochre some of my go to school favs. 
  So these were colored with the six I had.  I will say I like the way they flowed. And the way they covered the paper. Lots of juicy color.  I hope to use them instead of my beloved Tom Bows. More tomorrow after add Sketchys where they will get a work out. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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