Day 473 – my Merrills

  And some Inktober drawn with a Noodler Konrad loaded with Lexington Grey ink. These shoes have a lot of memories and I have been meaning to do this page since last May when Fealin Lin and I both got a pair of them. They are ultra comfy but hot for warm weather. Our feet were killing us because of standing all day at Cheap Joes at Fealins class. Of course the cure was a trip out to Mast General in Valle Crusis the most beautiful valley that is like time forgot it. One of Mikes and my favorite places near Boone NC.  

Fealin Lin!! 


  Mast general 

  Gorgeous tree behind Mast General 

  Inside Mast General 

  Inside Mast General 

  An old house. 


The church 



Barn near Mast General   
  A creek in Valle Crucis.  
The original Mast General store was in Valle Crucis. There are others in Boone Asheville and Columbia Sc and I think Knoxville. Just great old fashioned stores. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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