Day 1116 Wesley the Cow Dog

After a long hard day at the dog park, riding in the car, and eating milkbones at the BMW Ducati Husquavarna is Atlanta Wesley was in need for a late afternoon fall nap on the sofa.

I took a pic before I lettered it in case I messed up which I did or i didn’t like the lettering. If I could find my white gel pen I would add a small white highlight to his right eye.

Before I darkened the black areas of Wesley’s fur. My son calls him a cow dog because he’s black and white like a Holstein cow the cows made famous by Chic Fil A.

Margaret whose probably still too full of that turkey and pie but off to Sam Flaxs and Blick for some art therapy. Xoxoxo

#ink #lamy #atlanta #stillmanandbirn #instadog #instadogs #dogs #dawgs

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