Day 1226 Doc Martin time

My brother has been working on my house. And when he was done each night he was tired and watched The new season of Doc Martin. I don’t think it’s been on Pbs or Netflix’s yet.

Tempting to draw a body all sprawled out on the small sofa.

Colors used alizarin cerulean cobalt quin coral quin sienna burnt umber and a red watercolor pencil. Lamy Safari in my stillman and birn alpha.

Off to Atlanta for the weekend. Tryl xoxoxo Margaret

Day 1225 Another day Urban Sketch

Finally got the sketch of the band Greg and Jeff at Mellow Mushroom painted. And again late posting.

Here the ink sketch. Used alizarin cobalt quin gold quin sienna burnt umber ultramarine blue serpentine green cerulean. Could I paint without cerulean?! Cerulean jeans.

Anyway gotta run. Hugs Margaret xoxoxo