Day 1232 Before I forget and a few great YouTube videos

I drew Jay last week at the Augusta Area Newcomers Luncheon where he was the auctioneer raising money for icare our charity this year.

I drew this quickly In the middle of a crowd of 250 people or so. Always tense times. It actually looks like him. Not exactly but close.

Colors skin Burnt sienna with no idea which blue for shadows. Either ultramarine or cobalt. Red and blue watercolor pencil for letters.

I don’t know about u but I love YouTube videos. These are some good ones.

If u like urban and water landscapes

And anything with Joe Miller painting.

And perhaps my favorite YouTube video ever.

And of course my fav guy Bob Burridge with his Bob Blasts

And a new pair of fair isle socks for my daughter in law.

Margaret xoxoxox who better get painting but is making a huge salad so I don’t have to do it later.