Day 1238 Emma Cameron and Dalaney

Three of the leaders from Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High. The other two are eloquent David Hogg and Alex Winn. Emma was the grand finale of the March and if you haven’t heard her talk it’s a must listen to. She brought tears to all that listened to her. These kids are going places. Dalaney organized the trip to Tallahassee to talk to the legislators days after the shooting. And the whole movement started with Cameron. Keep your eyes peeled for these kids. They will be in the public eye for a long time.

Margaret wishing everyone Happy Easter and A wonderful Passover dinner. Xoxoxo

The Parkland Leaders #Marchforlife #votethemout #naomiwalder #amazong #kids #neveragain #wearethecure #watercolor #ink #atillmanandbirn #nomore #remembermyname #stonemandouglas #parkland #msnbc #vote #florida #dc #conneticut #newton

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