Day 1239 Dress Up Day the process!

Dress Up Day in Pre K land. My sweet Henry already to go be a lawyer in his dads tie. Funny boy said Grandma you didn’t paint my shirt right. It was a tiny tattersall plaid. Enough plaid is enough plaid.



I used my pike palette from Kim Johnson’s class. Love that Daniel smith serpentine green in the background. Also love the pike palette. Seals itself and keeps the paint moist also doesn’t seem to leak when you carry it around. Hurrah. And not very expensive. I think about $20 at cheap Joes in Charlotte. ry

Laid down a first coat of light yellow in the hair for highlights. Which I eventually painted over most of them. Duh. Also wish I had not painted the blue under his nose. Never did quite get rid of that. Oops

And that’s all folks. Hopefully the silly internet in the mountains will post this. We shall see.

Margaret hanging w the grandkids. Hard to paint when they want to help. 🤗 Xoxoxo #watercolor #aquarelle #fabriano #fabrianoartistico #danielsmith #holbein #mgraham

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