Day 1244 More GWS and Katherine Conover

The judge and the teacher. Most of these state and national shows have a class that members can take. This time Kathryn Conover was teaching and have a great demo yesterday of using her gesso juice to save bad watercolors we all have.

Her talk was both entertaining and loaded with info.

Her mantra was never throw out a painting no platter how bad. Wet Layer two

Slather it with gesso juice and reuse the paper. Dry Layer Three toned with some quin gold green gold and some watercolor stick scribbles.

Before I added soft lead scribbles which. I smeared with my finger.

Gesso juice is 1/2 acrylic gesso, 1/4 gel medium and 1/4 water. Mix gesso and gel then add water till it’s a whip cream consistency.

Slather on the gesso juice and stir up the old watercolor. Let it dry.

Slather on more gesso juice. And scrape it with that famous art tool a cut up credit card making marks that you let dry into gesso juice.

Loretta Addison Travelers Rest

She also adds stencils and stamps with wine corks when it’s dry using watercolor. It’s a push pull technique.

Davis Jones – Pemaquid Light

Kathleen said this technique turned 140# watercolor paper into 300# and gVe a great wipeable painting surface.

Rebecca Latham- Bobcat Curiosity

For more google Chaos and Order on YouTube. GWS -Georgia watercolor Society- will be posting a video of her talk soon.

To transfer her sketch she uses graphite on the back and traces it with a pen. She also uses white teachers chalk to mark off her sketch.

Alexis Levine -Making Connections

PS my sketch is all watercolor pencil and ink in my stillman and birn.

Bambi Rogers – Last Calf

Margaret who hasn’t done much today besides unpack. Xoxoxox

Larry Hughes – Kiva Oak Tree House

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Mary Ann Cox -The Candy Apple Maker

Edie Fagan-Santorini Hillside