Day 1250 Waiting

Is the title of this painting of my daughter in law. She was waiting for the server at Sun in My Belly. She was also pregnant. And I was waiting for my sick lab keeping an eye on her while painting it.

This is painted on 300# Fabriano hot press. Not quite done but getting there. I was trying to keep the colors transparent. Hot press paper seems to suck up the color when you touch it but gives a lovely glow if you keep it transparent.

The sketch w a soft lead pencil.

First layers. Loving the hair. Quin gold burnt umber and sienna manganese and cerulean.

Flowers were tough. It was as if every read was the same. And not very transparent. Eeekk. Cad red was not getting it down but vermilion helped. As did some quin reds. The leaves are Charles Reid greens viridian and an opaque sagey green with shots of quin gold and French ultramarine blue.

More Darks on her face and neck. Lots of manganese blue and cad red light. A bit of hookers green. Bits of serpentine green and burnt sienna. All the colors were kept very watery and transparent. Allowed to blend on the surface.

Darker skin tones using the same colors. First layers on the bucket. Blues manganese and cerulean alizarin all very watery. Probably mineral violet.

More of the same colors on the bucket burnt sienna mineral violet cerulean on the paper table cover. Same colors were used to paint the sugar salt and jar on left softening the edges as I go.

So what’s left to do? Darken the background wall. Work on her face. She still looks a little out of focus. And soften the edge on her hair.

Stay tuned for the finish!! Hugs Margaret whose madly knitting when she’s not painting. Xoxoxo

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