Day 1259 – Day 4 Last Day with Iain

Yesterday was using our Stillman and Birn sketchbooks which he and I both love. He likes he hard back ones I like the soft ones.

The picture he gave us to do a value sketch for homework on Saturday night. Hmm Homework on Saturday night. If I had taken this picture I probably would have hit delete. As for the camera he always uses – his iPhone. Like me he has a big Nikon with telephoto BUT also like me he uses his phone.

My sketch. I forgot to put all the heads at the horizon line duh. Even though I knew better.

By Iain Stewart

Like a college kid I went snooping on the internet to see if I could find anything similar to tell me what to do with this not so hot picture. I found this one.

Iains sketchbook sketch.

Eeek. We were doing TWO on Sunday. One in our sketchbooks and the same one on watercolor paper. WHAT? We had barely had time to do one the first three days.

Mine. I promptly got behind because I was yakking and looking at my French photos to paint one of those if I had time instead of drawing during lunch like I was suppose too.

Iains first sketchbook wash

Iains First watercolor wash.

Hmm my first sketchbook wash. That’s right you saw it already. Glad you realized that.

His sketchbook second wash. The spatters at bottom are done by a spritz with a spray bottle right at the end. Not salt. You have to be patient with these and let the colors mix on the paper and not futz around with them.

His watercolor second wash. He uses arches 140 lb cold press.

This is my wc on Fabriano first wash and uh second because I didn’t have time to do both. Oops. And yes I sprayed mine but it didn’t make any dots. Hmmm.

I did get some nice granulation in the sky from the cobalt teal and cobalt mix. Of course I might have been using Cheap Joes Andrews Turquoise by then. They are all the same color.

His third pass in his sketchbook

Third pass on his watercolor. He splattered it with Indian yellow gouache.

My second and third pass in my sketchbook. I may do these over again because I didn’t have enough time to do all three washes. Besides I hater the people because I was in a PANIC to draw TWO SKETCHES. 😱🤢

My whole sketchbook page. I took notes down the side.

You can see the list of colors. Iain’s a Daniel Smith guy. And LOVES neutral tint.

My watercolor. I was in a panic during most of the painting because I skipped the second wash and had to watch a lot of wet edges. I switched by Isabey #2 moo for my Davinci Kohlinsky sable 10 and my black #12 for fine line work.

As for his sketchbooks he draws in pencil not ink. Any old pencil will work. Loves Daniel Smith paint. And uses Escoda synthetic brushes not Kolinskys. An architect by training he loads information into his class. Would I take another ? Probably. He’s a great teacher!!

Margaret packing up in rainy Charlotte. Off to Cheap Joes for one more drool over the art supplies. Getting some paper because nobody matches their prices. Well maybe Blick but nobody supports more charities than our dear Cheap Joe Miller.


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