Day 1258 Day3 w Iain

Stress loomed large over the class. No tears though lol

The picture the object of our attention.

Iains sketch

My sketch that I decided to paint. Oopsey. Try writing in a sketchbook with a wet painting in it.

I will say the glow in these paintings does not show up in a miniature photo on an iPhone.

His first wash. I forgot To take a photo of mine. 🤪😪

His second wash

My second wash. Success finally when I switched to my #2 richeson squirrel mop.

His third wash. And yes there’s another.

My third.

Adding darks and lifting lights.

These things look better in person.

In the pressure of running multiple washes you forget to do things that you wouldn’t if you were home. Like painting the people. And the tree trunks.

Oh and splattering with water. I seemed to have a hard time remembering that one. Lol

So many things to remember while running a wash and keeping the bead going. Eeekkk.

If the bead dries up it’s over. You have a hard edge. Double EEKKK!!!!

Margaret with one more day to do this thing. Xoxoxoxo