Day 1241 The National Georgia Watercolor Show

Which means you get a whole point instead of half a point toward your GWS signature. A big deal. It takes six regular shows at half a point each or three national shows at one point each. Or a combo of the two.

John Salminen First Place an amazing teacher with more than 275 National and international awards. I have taken his abstract class and highly recommend him. His cityscape class is at the top of my want to take class list.

Another of the top prize winners. There were fifteen of them!

The show at Oglethorpe University Art Museum in Atlanta was amazing. The university is very cool. Gothic arches everywhere modeled on Corpus Christi in Oxford where the founder and First governor or Georgia went to college James Oglethorpe the colleges namesake.

My friend Karen got seventh for this marvelous tiny painting. And a load of loot!! She also got her GWS signature. On to the big time Miss Karen!

Not an award winner but I loved it so now u can too.

Lance Hunter Toxic Beauty Fosh Tails. Second prize. Is it not wonderful?! What an imagination. What a show. The work was astounding. It was like being surrounded by jewels.

A painter from Athens. Acting President. And can’t read he title. Sorry. Ninth or so?! Gorgeous skin. Loved the spray of gold in the corner. And the angle of the painting.

A California painter. John Bucklin. Lagunitas Creek.

Literally painters from every state.

And Karen and I were softies for any dog painting. Dwinda Creek Maggie’s Nap.

Another great dog painting. Even better terriers. Can’t read the name. Sorry.

Margaret off home. My own bed tonite. Xoxoxox

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