Day 1242 Something different

Using acrylics as watercolor. First a layer of gel medium and crinkled tissue paper was laid down. Then you paint over it with thinned acrylic giving a watercolor effect. Here are a few more done the same way.

I did these four five years ago at a class with Ken Umbach at John Campbell folk school. Nightime in the Blue Ridge. Blue Ridge

These are actually all considered mixed media because of the tissue paper.


Actually this is a lot of fun. Just use any tissue paper -these are done with white tissue from the dollar store. Crumple it up. Cover the canvas with gel medium-liquitex or golden or Dick blick. Spread the crumpled tissue paper out over the canvas. Glue it down with more get medium and have fun painting.

Margaret back from the freezing cold Blue Ridge. Xoxoxox