Day 1257 More Iain

What a taskmaster. I don’t know who worked harder the students or the teacher – thinking the teacher.

Homework was to revise this painting into a sketch for today’s painting.

I did three. Well I do like to sketch.

This is Iains sketch. With notes as to tone and and how to rearrange or change it when he does the final sketch.

His sketch on the watercolor paper.


Iains First pass.

Mine. A little light and oops my spray bottle didn’t splatter right.

His second pass – hmmm didn’t take a pic of my second.

His third and last last pass.

My first third pass. A little light so I redid the darks in the foreground. And lifted some whites.

Done for today. Who knows how lifting complete

I may torture it tomorrow. Think I will lift that line where the dark stats.

Homework time!! Xoxoxox Margaret