Day 1254 Honeys gone😪

Well I had a long post about my sweetie pie passing. And it seems to be lost.

No idea what happened to it. Will share again later. Suffice to say I am heart broken. I found her dead on the kitchen floor just when the vet thought she was turning the corner.

When she refused to eat her favorite food a biscuit I knew she was very ill.

Funny honey story. My neighbors all thought her name was Biscuit because the only way I could get her in out of her beloved yard was by shaking a bag of biscuits and calling Biscuit. When I got her she was a mere 75 lb but we fixed that. When she died she weighed 96 pounds. She was a big happy girl. As Dr Oz called them a true flabrador.

Farewell my sweet baby.

I will miss your kisses.

Xoxoxox Mama

Day 1252 – Honey pie has gone home

she is gone. She passed away during the night. I woke to find her lying on the kitchen floor. Such a sweetheart.

The vet kept saying she was better.

I kept thinking she was sicker than he said. He was just being optimistic.

Turns out I was right and he was wrong.

When she wouldn’t eat her biscuit Friday nite I was really worried. She LOVES biscuits and can eat them by the dozen literally.

She was a happy dog. When I got her she weighed 75 lb. skin and bones. We worked hard to fatten her up. She got up to 104 lb. 0She and I fixed that. Life was good on the river. And she enjoyed it. The neighbors thought her name was Biscuit because the only way she would come was if I shook a bag of biscuits and called Biscuit. I know she’s waiting for me over the rainbow bridge. My beautiful velvet girl.

Did you say Biscuit?!


just wish she had stayed longer.

I will see you again girl! Xoxoxox Mom