Day 1254 Honeys gone😪

Well I had a long post about my sweetie pie passing. And it seems to be lost.

No idea what happened to it. Will share again later. Suffice to say I am heart broken. I found her dead on the kitchen floor just when the vet thought she was turning the corner.

When she refused to eat her favorite food a biscuit I knew she was very ill.

Funny honey story. My neighbors all thought her name was Biscuit because the only way I could get her in out of her beloved yard was by shaking a bag of biscuits and calling Biscuit. When I got her she was a mere 75 lb but we fixed that. When she died she weighed 96 pounds. She was a big happy girl. As Dr Oz called them a true flabrador.

Farewell my sweet baby.

I will miss your kisses.

Xoxoxox Mama

12 thoughts on “Day 1254 Honeys gone😪

  1. Leslie says:

    So sad. I always think dogs are too soon gone. I ponder what this is supposed to teach us. Our lab is a rescue of unknown age, probably 10 now, and we are seeing the signs. Take heart, dear, and know you have much company.

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    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks Leslie. Labs are such wonderful dogs. I don’t know why they can’t stay and share their love longer. They leave much too soon. 😪


  2. bryangrant4 says:

    I will miss honey a lot! Sorry you lost her so abruptly. Another great dog has passed. My mom’s dog Honey Bear is on to the Rainbow Bridge, a very abrupt and shocking departure. I was lucky to have had her hang out at my house many times for many days each time. Great dog, snd an ironic lab, not much of a swimmer, and hated to ride in cars… fetching was on her own time schedule. Maybe Monday, maybe tuesday… I will miss her a lot. Sorry mom for your loss. I am all teared up sitting beneath the most beautiful mountains in the world, and cant help but think she made a pit stop on Mt Blanc on her way Home.

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  3. louise says:

    So sad for the lost of you beloved Honey , your post is a great “Hommage” to her, your a great artist , thank you for sharing with us pictures of her and drawings. My heart is with you !!!and with her, I have read a book one day , they say in that book that when we died, all our pets will be there for us , we will be together again !!! Louise from Québec, Canada

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  4. Teresa Gadziemski says:

    My dearest Margaret what a sad new ! I am so sorry !
    I know how much it hurts ! I have no doubt your Honey was one of the most happiest dogs in the world ! She left you with all those great memories and your fabulous paintings . Hope you can remember your lovely Honey with great joy once all this terrible pain slows a little bit down .
    Big hug my dear friend !

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