Day 1235 Breakfast

At Petit Marche my fav breakfast spot in Kirkwood Atlanta!! Delicious lavish over the top breakfasts. Whose ever had French toast with bananas on top. Yummmm

These two guys were tête-à-tête in deep conversation as people so often seem be at Petit Marche. No idea why they had three bottles of catchup. Heinz of course!!

Always a great spot to people watch. Always packed so you know the food is great and reasonable.

Margaret who has a busy day playing nurse. She can’t go out off leash in the yard. HMMM xoxoxox

Petit Marche deliciousness in Kirkwood French charm and delicious food #lepetitmarche #kirkwood #atlanta #food #foodie #deliciousness #stillmanandbirn #watercolor #lamysafari #ink #dailydrawing #sketching #urbansketcher #usk #breakfast

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