Day 1234 Those Awesome Kids 2

So I didn’t get a chance to paint today. Spent most of the day having a nervous breakdown over my labs licknoma. Dr Gross took it off and now she’s groggy from surgery staples in her poor leg.

Knitted hoping to get some seratonins but maybe I should have tried some of the Kava kava I gave Honey my lab for anxiety one of the possible causes of licknomas.

Some of those magnificent Parkland kids. The one on the right was riddled with shrapnel a month ago. She threw up during her speech and said “I threw up on National tv and it felt good!! Then she finished her speech. Amazing kid. She and Aaliyah were in a class studying the holocaust when their own holocaust of a kind happened. The gunman opened fire on their classroom which could not be locked.

How did I not notice the guy on the right is cross eyed. Always amazes me things you miss when painting. Will have to fix him. These young men are Peace warriors from Chicago where So many kids die from gun shots every year. His mom told him “If you don’t stand up for something you will fall for anything.” Words of wisdom.

The pages I still need to paint. Hopefully tomorrow.

Newton High Students.

Another Newton High student. They were on lock down for six hours when the shootings went of the poor babies went on.

The fabulous eloquent Emma Gonzales. How can one young person be so amazing and strong!?

And her joint leaders from Parkland Cameron and Dalaney Tarr.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo who is a nurse for today.

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