Day 1234 A bit More France

I drew my way thru Paris Rouen Les Andelys Conflans and Normandy a couple of years ago. This is the first page in my art journal a Strathmore Mixed Media 500 journal. That 500 is important. Beautiful paper.

Our ports starting and ending in Paris. We never made it to Versailles because of the terrible bombings in November. All the tourists places went on lock down.

Our first meal in a French restaurant. I don’t know if you watch what Phil’s eating but we did. We felt like Phil in Paris.

A journal page. Our tour leader our hotel Rochester.

the whole spread.

I carried my paint brushes in my back pack and my small travel paint box- a whiskey painter box w winsor newton watercolor paints and a cotman box filled with Daniel Smith quinacridones.

Drawn with a Noodler Ahab that holds a lot of carbon black ink. A lot of the bold lettering was done with my Pentel brush pen which has permanent ink cartridges.

And that’s it for today folks. Watching the kids march. What power they have! Margaret xoxoxo

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6 thoughts on “Day 1234 A bit More France

  1. booksandcraftsblog says:

    Wonderful to be young and able to do all that to try to help the world o my at one time we were that way to and had the get up and go to do it.. To do it but I think my get up has gone and left, this life….
    I see the kids have now gout hold world of young people in this fit, for are lives…

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