Day 1124 Fixing those messes

Henry’s left leg was not done right at first. It’s not easy to fix light colors in watercolor so I got out my Neocolor ii’s which are more opaque. I think it looks right now. And I added more neocolor to provide what Fealin Lin calls linkage to lead your eye around the page.

Still not great but these reminded me of the story from my childhood that I added to it. You never know what memories art journals will stir up.

I also used my prismacolors on this page of quick poses as Henry wiggled and wiggles while he watched PBS.

Earlier this am. Eeekkk. Who is that boy?!

It looked like this when I started. Now good at all.

Off to class ttyl Dr Sketchys tonite. Yeahhhh.

Margaret xoxoxo

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