Day 1116 SC Watermedia Show

Is in Aiken Center for the Arts right now. We thought it was a mixed bag when we looked. What do you think?!

I believe this one was the grand prize winner but not sure.

Sorry for the terrible pic

Post the rest tomorrow. Love to hear what u think of them.

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1115 -It’s Saturday

Emily 90 minutes watercolor pastel and 6B lead on strathmore Bristol.

A little thin thru the shoulders and body. And HOW did I forget to paint her other leg. An easy fix.

The sketch. About 30 minutes.

First break with a wash of raw sienna and Quin rose.

Second break? 80 minutes. Used a huge 16 Legends Sable. And a Golden Fleece Cheap Joes 2″ flat.

Added sepia Quin sienna Quin gold aureolin cobalt violet and dioxazine violet

Added white pastel stick for highlights.

Al Beyer oil 3×4′

Katie’s pencil and pastel. Love the flesh tones.

Jeremy. Red conte crayon?

Coach. Always does nice charcoal sketches.

Tom Needham’s small watercolor 10×14

AC Daniels small not quite done. Second break.

Fred the dentist having fun.

Margaret xoxoxox who better paint that leg.

Day 1114 oops urban sketching

Almost forgot to post. Been a busy day dismantling my HUGE fabric stash.

Been doing quite a bit of urban sketching the last few days but have I sat down to paint them?! Uh NO!! These guys from St Augustines Church have met every Thursday at the Inner Bean for YEARS. They can be overheard discussing just about anything. The vicar even sits in at times. And they have a great time.

Love this cute little lilac house in Pine Lake. Right across from the Park on the lake. You suppose the owners would let me buy it?!

A cute yellow house I looked at in pine Lake. Oops the whole front facade is falling off and the foundation is cracked. Double oops.

An Iconic View of Atlanta from Trader Joe’s very similar to the view from Piedmont Park.

Hugs. Tomorrow is Saturday. Wonder who the model is.

Stillman and Birn Alpha Lamy Safari Noodler Eekskin Ink

Hugs margaret xoxoxo

Day 1114 one more Starbucks.

These two guys were just chatting away in Chinese or Korean. Could have been Japanese for all I know. Their conversation was very animated. The guy on the right actually noticed I was drawing. He was really sweet and asked me if I had finished before he left.

Strathmore 400 sketchbook Lamy Safari Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus Daniel smiths piemonite.

Margaret who had a busy day xoxoxo

Day 1113 – Urban sketching at Starbucks 

Really pleased with the way this one turns out. Don’t know why I didn’t post it sooner. I had a lot of trouble with pens. Four in my purse and NO ink in any of them. How is that possible. Met some friends at the new Starbucks on Bobby Jones.  Really nice BIG Starbucks. I drew the people in front of me. Some walked off some walked in. 

The cars were a lot of fun to draw. Next time I am drawing my Prius in the painting lol. Artist car 🚗 self portrait. 

Even like the way the crepe Myrtle turned out. I painted the whole thing wet in wet letting the colors melt into each other. 
Strathmore 400 sketchbook Lamy Safari Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. 

Ttyl !Margaret xoxoxox

Day 1112 – Pine Lake Cottage

For sale in Pine Lake cute cute cottage 1500 sf. Well if u don't look at the addition. Or all that OLD DARK pine paneling.

The granite fireplace IS marvelous as is the granite foundation and steps.

But not that side porch-18 stuck non working jalousie windows-18 of them. Eeekkk. They won't open and they won't close but there are some cool old built in cupboards out there. One big enough for a pantry not that it's near the kitchen a tiny cubicle in the middle of the house without a window. Dishwasher is a plus.

OH SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST!! THe owners are selling the side yard right next to the house so u can ever use those lovely granite steps to the back door. WHAT can they be thinking.

Lamy pen. Stillman and Birn Alpha. Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.

Xoxoxox Margaret!! Home from Atlanta taking a LONG nap.

Day 1111 Kirkwood

A cute little 800 sf house in Kirkwood I thought about buying. It would take me a year just to get rid of everything I owned and fit in this small a house. But I think it was my favorite house that I looked at. It also had a finished walk about basement rental apartment a real plus when a house this size in fixer upper shape costs $219000! 😳

Stillman and Birn Alpha, Lamy Safari pen, noodlers eelskin ink, Ted Nuttalls transparent watercolor palette

On the road again my summer theme song. Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1110 Henry

Snacking on goldfish when we went to Oakhurst park. This was a very quick sketch. Have you ever treed drawing a five year old who never stops?! But Henry loved the idea of me drawing him. He tried to hold still. That lasted about a second.
Stillman and Birn Alpha w Lamy Safari and Ted Nuttalls transparent palette

Tty Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1109 Out and About In Kirkwood

Don't forget to stop in at Le Petit Marche for some deliciousness or other. Everything I have eaten there has been great.

I know I posted this before but decided to put both of them together. As many times as we have eaten there don't know why I have never drawn it. It's so popular on Friday and the weekends they ask you not to tarry more than an hour or so.

Usually we eat in the front room. I had never sat in the back. Just as charming as the front room. Ps great service too.

Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean. Lamy Safari in Stillman and Birn Alpha.

Ttyl margaret. Xoxoxo

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