Day 1114 oops urban sketching

Almost forgot to post. Been a busy day dismantling my HUGE fabric stash.

Been doing quite a bit of urban sketching the last few days but have I sat down to paint them?! Uh NO!! These guys from St Augustines Church have met every Thursday at the Inner Bean for YEARS. They can be overheard discussing just about anything. The vicar even sits in at times. And they have a great time.

Love this cute little lilac house in Pine Lake. Right across from the Park on the lake. You suppose the owners would let me buy it?!

A cute yellow house I looked at in pine Lake. Oops the whole front facade is falling off and the foundation is cracked. Double oops.

An Iconic View of Atlanta from Trader Joe’s very similar to the view from Piedmont Park.

Hugs. Tomorrow is Saturday. Wonder who the model is.

Stillman and Birn Alpha Lamy Safari Noodler Eekskin Ink

Hugs margaret xoxoxo

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