Day 1112 – Pine Lake Cottage

For sale in Pine Lake cute cute cottage 1500 sf. Well if u don't look at the addition. Or all that OLD DARK pine paneling.

The granite fireplace IS marvelous as is the granite foundation and steps.

But not that side porch-18 stuck non working jalousie windows-18 of them. Eeekkk. They won't open and they won't close but there are some cool old built in cupboards out there. One big enough for a pantry not that it's near the kitchen a tiny cubicle in the middle of the house without a window. Dishwasher is a plus.

OH SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST!! THe owners are selling the side yard right next to the house so u can ever use those lovely granite steps to the back door. WHAT can they be thinking.

Lamy pen. Stillman and Birn Alpha. Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.

Xoxoxox Margaret!! Home from Atlanta taking a LONG nap.

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