Day 494 -Vive La France!! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

🇫🇷Feel free to use this image. Posting France sketches on my website and will continue til they are done. 🇫🇷

Gussie and Bob in front of pregothic Saint Sauveur Eglise in Les Andelys. 

First a Bob joke. We discussed whether or not to do the climb to Chateau Gaillard. Bob told me it was the third worst climb on the trip and many were known not to ever return from it. Lol. 

Started in 1220 and finished 100 years later Saint Saveur Eglise was one of the first churches with Gothic elements. A rooster or chanticleer  tops the spire as they do most churches in France. They represent the denial of Peter and from the blog “Thereafter, the kings of France will adopt the cock out of bravado. When meeting their rivals who treated them as roosters, they would say that the cock is a brave and early rising fighter.

The cock is also the bird of light and faith, the enemy of evil and darkness, etc….”

🇫🇷As most of you know we are just back from the best trip ever is Viking from Paris to Normandy and well not quite back because of the bombings. We stayed in Conflans near Paris and disembarked from there instead of a few blocks from the awesome Eiffel Tower. 😒🇫🇷

 Leonard Porkchop Zimmermans Happy sticker I stuck on a street post near the Eiffel Tower.  He’s blanketing the world with these free stickers. Check him out on Facebook. 

🇫🇷A chilly nite in St Germain en Laye section of Paris. 🇫🇷

The day after the bombing Parisians were out doing what they do best enjoying the city. 


Richard the Lionhearted’s Chateau Gaillard in Les Andelys. The chateau and the town were built in the lye twelfth century. Of course they had to build the chateau before he permitted them to build the town. Hmm 

Les Andelys from the boat. So charming. Did I say that already!!?

Map of Les Andelys borrowed from the Viking bulletin board. It changes with each port of call. 
Garden in Conflans 
  The rooftops of Conflan  From the Chateau Mountjoie. All the chateaus sat above the river to command the river. 

   The Cpunt of Montjoies tomb in the Conflan church. Too cool. i have read about crusaders tombs but never seen one. 

  The tomb below the church window.   The Viking chefs favorite fromagerie in Conflans and  Tetons de Venus. Yes it means nipples of Venus. Wonder if hers were encrusted with mold? Guess they are by now. Lol

  More mold encrusted cheeses. 

That’s a lot of mold to make that delicious cheese!! 😳 Of course my son Ben said that’s how they make cheese. I guess like everything else in the US ours is sanitized before we see it. 

The Viking chefs favorite chocolate shop in Conflans. Lots of deliciousness there. 

My sis at the Eiffel Tower on a rainy gloomy day. 

Sacre Couer. 

Well enough photos for the day. Go forth and book a Viking cruise. They are awesome. There were people on our cruise who had been on six or seven. Some had done the Seine cruise more than once. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret in Atlanta recovering jet lag! 

How to terrify terrorists

I adore Paris and France. Truly one of th most beautiful spots in the world as is the country. Stay tuned while I post more French sketches. Make art not war!!

The Only Sure Weapon


A few hours after the Paris terror attacks I got two texts from friends in quick succession. Both, in summary, said: ‘I’m angry and sad and can you help me understand?’

Some context: a decade ago I went back to University and studied terrorism. The events of September 11th 2001 had developed into war in Iraq and one line in a book wouldn’t leave me. It read: ‘The world is not working for countless millions of its inhabitants’.

I went back to one of the best departments of World Politics there is. I was taught by some of the most experienced and intelligent academics on this subject. I’m nowhere near their level of understanding, but I know a little bit about terror.

I can tell you about the tactics of Brigate Rosse and Baader-Meinhof and give you the need to know on anti-federal US terrorism in the 90‘s. I…

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