How to terrify terrorists

I adore Paris and France. Truly one of th most beautiful spots in the world as is the country. Stay tuned while I post more French sketches. Make art not war!!

The Only Sure Weapon


A few hours after the Paris terror attacks I got two texts from friends in quick succession. Both, in summary, said: ‘I’m angry and sad and can you help me understand?’

Some context: a decade ago I went back to University and studied terrorism. The events of September 11th 2001 had developed into war in Iraq and one line in a book wouldn’t leave me. It read: ‘The world is not working for countless millions of its inhabitants’.

I went back to one of the best departments of World Politics there is. I was taught by some of the most experienced and intelligent academics on this subject. I’m nowhere near their level of understanding, but I know a little bit about terror.

I can tell you about the tactics of Brigate Rosse and Baader-Meinhof and give you the need to know on anti-federal US terrorism in the 90‘s. I…

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2 thoughts on “How to terrify terrorists

  1. Marilyn Cieremans says:

    You know that I follow your blog daily but I was away at a Quilt retreat for the weekend and didn’t take my laptop with me. On Friday night when i was talking to my husband and he informed me about the Paris attacks the first thing I thought about was I hope that Margaret is safe .I am so glad that you were not near the carnage.
    This is going to get worse…….getting rid of Saddam Husein left a vacuum for these fanatics to group. How many of the Syrian refugees are Jhadists ????
    Keep safe and a safe trip home.


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