Day 491 – Les Andelys

An adorable small village on the Seine below Chateau Gaillard, Richard the Lionhearted’s twelfth century  stronghold that dominated the river valley. The chateau was completed in two years instead of the normal ten years a castle like this usually took. He did not allow the peasants and workers to build the village of Les Andelys til the chateau was finished. 

This is a sketch up the hill from downtown. The castle just dominates the village which is just adorable, full of half timber buildings and cute shops. I think I could live here no problem. 


Only going to share a few photos because this wifi continues to be intermittent. 

  So picturesque. Only a few streets wide. 

The cathedral one of the earliest pre gothic churches built between 1150 and 1210. 

 The chateau from another angle as we passed it on the boat.  

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx