Day 479 Two days to Paris 😳

Well at least we leave then. Lol. Be in Paris by 2 pm Thursday.  

Been raining cats and dogs do I am posting all of the family dogs but one today.

  A quick sketch of my lab Honey. She walked off before I finished it but decided to paint it this am. Painted with ultramarine blue and burnt umber.  
Grant – my sons newest put bull. Drawn with a Lamy Vista using Carbon Paltinum Black ink. 

Drawing a new dog is always a challenge. To top it off he’s black and white. I smeared the ink with my finger to try to make his black more solid. I actually drew him three times before I was happy with him. 

I wish I could give u some dog drawing tips but the only one I can give u is that a dog like a person or a horse is just geometric shapes. Check out Richard Schmidts wonderful Alla Prima book which is what he says about drawing anything. They are all just shapes.   


Livia my sons other pitty. Small sketch with a Kuretake brush pen loaded w Platinum Carbon Black ink. 


Lucy dog my youngest sons Briard Colie mix. Such a good puppy. 


My other dog Zoe watching me pack. Maybe I should stick her in the suitcase?! I have enough room. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx