Day 485 – La pause de beaubourg


 Le Brasserie La Pause Beaubourg near the Hotel de Ville and  Georges Pompidou Contemporary Art Center. Delicious food and wonderful staff. This is the view out their window. We are there again today – so delicious. 

   Despite being exhausted and walking 7 miles today I drew two sketches when we ate there again after our visit to the Georges Pompidou. I even drank a Coke. Something I rarely do. 



   La Pause Beaubourg where u can eat in the window in the most charming barrel chairs. Tiny furniture in France unlike supersized everything in America. Always too big pour moi!

 La Pause Beaubourg

 We did sit resting our aching feet and recooperating before we took off for some Marveilieux au Fred on Rue de Pont St Louis Phillippe three blocks from the Hotel de Ville in the Marais.   

 Can I say Heaven!? Delicious meringues filled with what might be marshmallow fluff?! 

Tiny cakes called Marveilleux that melt in your mouth. Wonderful staff. The young homme who helped us spoke English like an American. When I asked him where he was from he said he learned English from American tv shows. 

Beautiful churches abound. This one is interesting because it has a gothic flying buttressed church with a neoclassic facade. Gorgeous lit in the afternoon sun. 

Hotel de Ville the crenelated embellished jewel also know as City Hall. Amazing building. This is the Seine River side. 

Hotel de Ville from the plaza side. 

Even the lights, the metro signs and  

 the advertising kiosk are amazing in Paris. 


Notre Dame across the river from Hotel de Ville was amazing. The building is just incredible.   So large! I am sure it’s bigger than a football field. 
The Rose Windows and all the stained glass unbelievable. We just sat in awe of quite a while. Well worth getting up early and beating the crowd which stretched across the plaza when we exited the building. 

To think that only Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame kept it from falling down in the 183os/.  Thank you Victor Hugo and Quasimodo. 

  Views from the fifth floor of

The Pompidou were worth the admission alone.   
Parisians packed the plaza in front enjoying the sunny warm fall day. 

The children loved the bubble lady and so did we.  

The architecture near the Ljmpidoy was quite eclectic. Gothic to modern in a row. 


A few more views from the Pompidou.   
  Ze Eiffel Tower. 
We are off the Viking Pride today and the Louvre. No hopping night club to keep us awake tonite on  the quai.