Day 499 – Les Bateux


The Seine is a commercial river shipping via barges from Paris to Honfleur and Le Havre on the Sleeve also known as the English Channel and back again. The barges are huge long shallow draft boats. A car looks minuscule on the deck parked behind the wheel house for the owners use. 

Conflans outside of Paris is the barge town because it’s much cheaper to live. Boat homes can be docked five deep in Conflans but you better get along with your neighbors because you might have to cross their boat to get ashore!


 Barges get converted to homes and even churches.   This is a chapel for barge men in Conflans. It even has stained glass windows and pews. 


The variety is amazing.  A houseboat. 


A barge-You can have a job on it carrying goods from port to port. Industrial barges used to be numerous but are getting fewer and fewer on the Seine. 

You can live on them. 


You can run tours from them. 

And the berths on the quais can be in amazing spots. If u get tired of the view you can always move it!!!


Our personal bateaux the Viking Pride!!

If you’re lucky you might have some swans for neighbors. 

Keep them ship shape! 


You can carry your car with you.  
They line the quais in their infinite variety. 

This loaded barge was sailing down river so fast I hardly had time to draw it. Really need to paint it I think. We shall see.  
Thanks for reading.

Margaret who might need a houseboat. Xxx

Day 498 – On the Road Again

Actually drew most of this while on the bus. Taking notes on what our guide was saying, drawing a sketch of the Bayeux tapestry which was incredible, a view of the French countryside around the D Day landing sites and our lunc in Arrowmanches at the 6 Juin restaurant. Best lunch of the trip. Baguettes to die for and fabulous chicken and of that gateaux. Delicious. 

A few things I learned from our guide: 

The French call the English Channel Le Manche or the Sleeve.  wHo knew?

The trees in France are full of huge balls of mistletoe. When our guide was asked why there was so much she said because in France we keep the mistletoe because we kiss a lot!

Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend. I am in the mountains at a trout farm!

Margaret xxx