Day 498 – On the Road Again

Actually drew most of this while on the bus. Taking notes on what our guide was saying, drawing a sketch of the Bayeux tapestry which was incredible, a view of the French countryside around the D Day landing sites and our lunc in Arrowmanches at the 6 Juin restaurant. Best lunch of the trip. Baguettes to die for and fabulous chicken and of that gateaux. Delicious. 

A few things I learned from our guide: 

The French call the English Channel Le Manche or the Sleeve.  wHo knew?

The trees in France are full of huge balls of mistletoe. When our guide was asked why there was so much she said because in France we keep the mistletoe because we kiss a lot!

Thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend. I am in the mountains at a trout farm!

Margaret xxx 

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