Sketched during our dinner – Could be called “Waiting for the Bill!”

Jean Cocteau’s self portrait

We actually sat below some original Jean Cocteau sketches in a restaurant we ate at called Bouef Sur la Toit.  I have been meaning to share his sketches with you but the wifi on the boat made it impossible. So today seems like a good day to do it.

Beef on the Roof which was a Paris jazz hot spot of the glitterati called  Les Enfants Terribles back in the 20-40s. Coco Channel was a member of this circle as  were Charlie Chaplin, Arturo Rubenstein, Josephine Baker, Maurice Ravel and Maurice Chevalier, Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso, Albert Camus, Igor Stravinsky to name a few..Bouef launched the careers of  singer Juliet Greco and singer/song writer Charles Trennet.


The restaurant on Rue des Ecoles…call for reservations…great food and music too!

Whimsical  – Three Men in a Tub?? Notice even the great Cocteau made mistakes!!!

  Mistinguett was one of the most successful French performers of her time 

  Coco Channel I think 

  Another Chanel?


  Probably Chanel????

Very rudementary but I like the lines…and the goat!!! Wonder if hes up on the roof too???


More about Le Bouef Sur La Toit ripped from the menu!!! 

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