Day 501 – Photoshop Express 

    Another free download is Photoshop Epxress. Great for doctoring those thousand photos you took on grey days in France. Easy enough that my three year old grandson had fun using it. He loved clicking on the different photo effects and changing the pictures.  

Watermill at Bayeux France


 Before photoshop express

  APanorama shot of the same mill. 

Before Photoshop express. Big difference. 



Before Photoshop express- taken into the sun. Never a good idea but sometimes the only choice. 


Ranville church panorama – dream in photoshop express


Before photoshop express. Late afternoon dark gloomy afternoon. 
A lot of fun. Go download it and have fun exploring. 

   View from the Eiffel Tower on a grey rainy day.

 Before pse

 Can’t decide which I like better.  I think the second one. 
 Thanks for reading!

Margaret xxx


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