Day 1876 done! ladies who Listen!

Really like the way this turned out. I also got another water tower inked. Ready to paint when the mood strikes.

Most of these ladies were intently listening to the lady on the bottom right. Charles Reid palette colors. Twisbee pen, deartrementis document brown ink and stillman and birn Alpha journal.

One sock done and the last one underway. The book has the pattern for it in it. My go to vogue sock book.

Margaret who whipped up a Pepe’s Coconut Cream pie for sketching tomorrow. Yum Xoxoxox

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Day 1875 Sometimes u have to draw

I hadn’t just sat down to draw people in a while. So today I went to EarthFare for a few groceries and drew the people in the cafe. Loved doing it.

Haven’t done in it in a while. This is how I learned to draw people – sitting in a coffee shop or cafe a doctors office a public place and drawing the people.

Going to post these on urban sketching on Facebook and see if they bounce them. I did get out and draw them in an urban environment right?!

Twisbee Pen deartementis document brown stillman and birn Alpha.

Only a few pages left til the book is done. HURRAH.

Did I draw that last watertower aka Porkchops Tower 3. Yes but not painted yet.

Had to take care of the thriving squirrels that knocked the top of the bird feeder and SAT in it gobbling.

New bird feeder with a screw on top. So far they can’t even slide down the plastic wire wrapped cord to sit on the roof.

Brown thrasher on the old one. I taped the top on with packing tape. Won’t be attractive BUT I bet the squirrels can’t get tape open.

Zoe and I went for a nice walk and collected photos of the Canadian geese in the old rice paddies in our neighborhood. I even took the BIG nikon with the telephoto lens. Better pics still on the camera card.

Too pretty a day to stay inside painting all afternoon.

Like my sketchbook almost done!! One more inch til the toe!!!

More manana. Back to my sock.

Margaret Xoxoxox

Meetings at EarthFare #twisbee #stillmanandbirn #ink #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #georgia #artist #charlesreid #urbansketcher #urbansketchingaugusta #urbansketching #augusta #earthfare