Day 1894 Alzeia

Alezia Hot Press Fluid paper 15×22”

The head was so small it was hard to paint. Love the hair. Painting vertical let it run and looks so soft.

Second break

First break.

I thought about trying to do the grisaille approach but you just can’t finish it in two hours minus breaks.

Costed her w quin gold. Colors used burnt sienna and cerulean for skin color. Darks burnt umber and French ultramarine

Pink is cad red light.

Hair burnt umber and French ultramarine

Drew Murphy. Didn’t get a shot of his finished. 2×3′ acrylic

Amy Lockhard Ness charcoal

Prof Joe Kameen a random sketch he did between offering help to everyone.

Dawns come along way!

Bill Daniels cherub. Oil on metal panel.

Margaret whose going to watch finding your roots. Love that show. Xoxoxox

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