Day 1725 Zoe time

Bought her a thunder coat so hopefully the wild storms and the howler hurricane Florence won’t drive her into full out panic mode and she can snuggle down to sleep. She makes such a neat little ball.

Been busy delivering paintjngs to Columbia for the show and speculating if we will be at Edisto Beach next week. Florence is visiting there too. This is a funky junk wind chime i got for my grandson the Dino nut. My sister and I decided they would be fun to make out of old discarded toys.

Anyway between the trip in hurricane evacuation traffic to and from Columbia and another trip to Costco and Earthfare so we don’t run out of necessity’s if the worst should happen I am let and I am exhausted.

Sepia pit pen in stillman and birn journal.

Hugs Margaret at home in her house with 58 ten foot tall concrete stilts to the granite bedrock full of concrete and rebar. And the. There’s the I beam. This house isn’t budging. Augusta will blow away before we do. Xoxoxoxo

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